Ecumenism: Origins, Expectations, Disenchantment
The Proceedings of a Pan-Orthodox Conference

Protopresbyter Peter Heers, Editor


For nearly 100 years the contemporary movement for the unification of Christianity has enjoyed the involvement of the Orthodox. Yet, despite the objections of many Orthodox Christians, the divisions among them which have developed on account of this participation, and the apparent lack of real progress toward the desired goal, there has never been a critical Pan-Orthodox examination of the phenomenon and Orthodox participation in it. This historic conference, sponsored by the School of Pastoral Theology of the University of Thessaloniki and the Society of Orthodox Studies, promises to fill this gap. Speakers at the conference included: Metropolitan Hierotheos (Vlachos) of Nafpaktos (Greece), Metropolitan Nathaniel of Nevrokop (Bulgaria), Metropolitan John of Velesson (Patriarchate of Serbia), Bishop Artemy of Raska and Prizren (Kossovo, Serbia), Bishop Panteleimon of Ghana (Patriarchate of Alexandria), Archimandrite Joseph of Xeropotamou Monastery (Mount Athos), Archpriest George Metallinos (Athens), Archpriest Valentin Asmus (Moscow Theological School), Archpriest Zourab Antadze (Church of George), Archimandrite Christophoros Tsiakkas (Church of Cyprus), Archimandrite Demetrios Vasiliadis (Patriarchate of Jerusalem), Archpriest Theodore Zisis (Thessaloniki), Archpriest George Dragas (Boston), Geron Moses (Mount Athos), Professor Jean-Claude Larchet (France), Demetrios Tselengidis (Thessaloniki), among the nearly 60 speakers in all.

The original Greek edition of the proceedings of the conference consists of two volumes divided into four sections: 1) Birth and Anatomy of Ecumenism, 2) The Stance of the Orthodox with regard to Ecumenism, 3) The Theological Dialogue and the Problem of Uniatism, and 4) Theological, Liturgical and Pastoral Problems with regard to Ecumenism. Uncut Mountain Press’ first English edition will include the most relevant and timely selections from each of the sections, as well as the introduction, program and conclusions of the conference.